Bailey Webber is a student investigative journalist, writer and co-director of The Student Body - an inspiring new film explores the controversial issue of government mandated BMI testing of students and the ensuing 'Fat Letters'. Bailey is the daughter of Michael Webber, a motion picture producer and renowned documentary filmmaker. Coming Spring 2015.

In an effort to address the obesity problem among American youth, lawmakers in over a dozen states passed a controversial mandate forcing schools to perform body mass index, or BMI, tests on their students. What soon followed sparked a heated national debate.

Coined the ‘Fat Letters’ by students, letters were given to overweight kids whose BMI did not fall within a narrowly accepted range; essentially telling children, even as young as kindergarteners, that they are fat.

Bailey Webber The Student Body

When a determined sixth-grader in Ohio voices her protest against the letters, student journalist Bailey Webber is inspired to take up her fight. Convinced that her fellow students are being unfairly profiled and bullied by the government, Bailey’s investigation soon turns into a battle of wills between her and and the state bureaucrats who sponsored and passed the law.

Bailey Webber Documentary Filmmaker

The Student Body is a true underdog story of two brave girls who take a stand against government intrusion and hypocrisy while exploring the complex and controversial truths of the childhood obesity debate.


Bailey WebberWriter, Journalist, Co-Director
Bailey Webber is a student investigative journalist, writer and co-director of The Student Body.  She is the daughter of Michael Webber, a motion picture producer and renowned documentary filmmaker.  As such, Bailey has grown up around movie making and has storytelling in her blood.  The Student Body is her directorial debut.



Michael WebberProducer/Co-Director
Michael Webber is an award-winning documentary filmmaker and producer of The Student Body. He has produced numerous films for 20th Century Fox and Lionsgate and is producer/director of the runaway hit documentary The Elephant in the Living Room.  Praised by critics as one of the best films of the year, the movie went on to win 5 Best Documentary Awards and became the #1 Independent Film in the US – remaining in the Top 10 for nearly a year.

Michael has been guest on countless radio and television talkshows including appearances on The Today Show, ABC World News Tonight, NBC Nightly News and Nightline. He was also the subject of an ABC 20/20 special by Emmy Award winning journalist Jay Schradler.  To see all of Michael’s motion picture and television credits, visit the Internet Movie Database (

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Filmmakers discuss The Student Body on television morning show.

Interview with The Student Body filmmaker Bailey Webber on Channel 12 in Cincinnati.

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Mar 15th, 2015

The CBS Morning Show Looks at Fat Letters

Dr. Jen Hartstein and Lee Woodruff discuss obesity in schools and the Fat Letters on the CBS Morning Show. Dr. Jen has concerns about bullying of students from other parents and students and students who have medical issues that affect weight.

Mar 14th, 2015

Good Morning America Talks About Fitnessgrams

In this segment from Good Morning America, Robin Roberts and George Stephanopoulos discuss the “Fitnessgram.” Pediatricians say the BMI is the best measurement. Claire Mysko is concerned these letters will trigger an eating disorder. Students interviewed do not like the Fat Letters and say they make them feel more insecure about themselves. One stated that… read more

Mar 13th, 2015

Weighing In

Fox News – Weighing in on Government BMI Testing of Preschoolers